I spent my childhood in one of the South Wales mining valleys. The Garw valley was typical of many, and though it was in the lean post-war years, the place offered me an exciting playground. With the mountains all around, there was so much freedom for exploration and discovery. With the coalmines and the chapels, the place was alive with the local culture of Wales, and full of compelling visual images.

I was fortunate to have an exceptionally gifted Art teacher, an Australian, who, more than anyone else, opened my eyes to what existed beyond my close environment, and introduced me to the stimulating world that existed within and through the study of Art. This was instrumental in influencing my choice of career.

I studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London under William Coldstream and Claude Rogers, before gaining a teaching qualification. From being Director of Art at Hatfield School I accepted the post of Co-ordinator of Studies at Herefordshire College of Art and Design under Kenneth Lindley and brought my family to this lovely County. I spent nearly twenty two years working at the College, and was made Principal in 1985.

Retirement has given me the time to do some of my own work as well as pursue my other interests. My Art work consists mainly of paintings and fairly small scale sculptures in a variety of media, and with a wide range of subject matter, but my love of drawing is fundamental to both activities. I have no adherence to any particular style, fashion or subject and expect each new piece of work to offer a completely new challenge.